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Red Sonja - She Devil With a Sword

  • I was a huge fan of Marvel comics "The Savage Sword of Conan" from the 70's. As a kid I would always thrill at seeing Red Sonja appear from time to time. Her costume consisted of a chain-mail bikini and looked very hot. Even then I wanted to see her in a real life adventure.

    Jump several years later and I was excited to hear about the movie being made staring Brigitte Nielsen. That movie turned out to be a pile of rubbish. To make matters worse Brigitte never wore the classic costume.

    Years later, Robert Rodriguez was going to release a version that was going to star his wife Rose McGowan. I didn't get too excited because I didn't think it would eventuate, (it didn't) and I'm not a fan of McGowan.

    So I thought, fuck it. I'm going to make my own damn Sonja movie. Stay tuned for more information. In the meantime check out this costume test below.

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