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Latest News on upcoming projects

  • Harley Quinn - A Jester Bound and Gagged

    Posted on 10/19/13

    Harley is one demented, sexy iconic chic that definitely needs her own peril film. She is perfect for a bondage scenario. I plan to film a story featuring her and Bat Girl. If this film is successful, then Harley will return in a sequel co starring with her girlfriend Poison Ivy!

    I am now planning a sexy costume and preparing for production. Follow my blog and facebook page for the latest news on this film.

    More details soon.

  • Supergirl vs Supergirl

    Posted on 03/28/13

    I am keen to film a Super-breath battle between Supergirl and her evil counterpart. The sexy black costumed version.

    More Details soon

  • Thor vs Loki sequel

    Posted on 03/28/13

    If our first movie Thor vs Loki is a hit with viewers, we are keen to do a sequel. The stunning girls who played the characters had so much fun they are keen to reprise their roles for further sexy adventures. Let us know if you want more.

    More Details soon